At Kiwi Solar, we believe in a better way to power homes and businesses at a lower cost while contributing to a cleaner planet.
Pay for power, not panels – just like your utility bill. Solar power can actually cost less than you pay now with low, predictable, locked-in rates. The savings can add up to thousands.

There are two types of “solar” systems on the market today, one is a solar power system which generates power the other is a solar hot water system which generates hot water.  

While they both share the same concept of collecting energy from the sun, the two technologies are quite different.  A solar hot-water system works by collecting the sun’s heat and transferring it into water or fluid, which is then used for your hot-water requirements. Solar power systems use solar photovoltaic panels which turn energy from sunlight into electricity, which can supply power to all of your electrical household appliances.

In Kiwi Solar, we provide full service for both Solar Hot Water and Solar Power.

solar power 

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