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How long will my solar hot system last?
Flat plate solar hot water systems have been around since the 1950’s. It’s a time tested technology and systems installed in the 1970’s are still performing efficiently today. We offer either a 5 or 10 year Limited Warranty, dependent on collector type.
How can I be sure of the quality and efficiency?

All solar systems are built to and comply with the joint Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZ 2712.

How much money will I save?
Solar hot system can provide 70% and more of the average household’s hot water requirement. Most analysis suggests that approximately 50% of an average electricity bill is a direct result of water heating.
Does a solar hot system, really make an environmental difference?
You bet! The average solar hot system saves about 1.5 tonnes of carbon emissions a year.
Which type of solar hot system should I buy?
Kiwi Solar hot water system dealers will be able to offer advice on collector choice. The number of people in the family will determine the right size cylinder. Typically a 325 litre cylinder will cater for the average family’s requirements.
I’ve heard that solar systems don’t work in cold areas.
Not true. Kiwi Solar’s – solar systems work by way of solar radiation. With Kiwi Solar European designed technologies, there’s enough sunshine anywhere in New Zealand to power a Hot Water System. Once again we can help you choose the most suitable collector.
Can frost and snow damage a Kiwi Solar System?
The components of a Kiwi solar hot system are designed to withstand the rigours of northern European winters. Consideration must be given however, to the effect freezing can have on a system. Where frost is a common occurrence you’d be wise to choose a closed circuit system in which the water is heated via a heat exchanger and solar energy transfer fluid.
How much roof space does a system require?
These days most customers chose a split system which eliminates the need to place the cylinder on the roof and is probably more visually appealing. A typical kiwi Solar System includes four square metres of collectors.
Can I install a Kiwi Solar hot water system on a flat roof?

Yes, special brackets are available which support the collectors at a suitable angle.

My roof slopes at 45 degrees. Is this OK?
It’s just fine. In fact it will increase winter efficiency. In a perfect world, the collector angle would match the location latitude. But a flat plate system will work well from a pitch of 12 degrees on up.
Does my roof have to face north?
Ideally, yes. However it’s not critical. Kiwi Solar hot systems function well as long as they’re in a range between North East and North West.
I’ve heard that evacuated tube systems are more efficient than flat plate collectors?
Both EECA and the Solar Industries Association state that in New Zealand’s temperate climate both systems are equally efficient. So quality of construction, durability and aesthetics, should be the main considerations Kiwi Solar, solar hot water system has proven technology that comes up trumps every time!
My electricity consumption is mostly at night, will solar still work for me?

Yes, Kiwi Solar offers energy storage and devices to divert excess power to hot water cylinders and electric car charging to maximize the available energy.

How long will my solar installation take?
Generally speaking installation is one day, however depending on the building we would also need additional time to erect scaffolding. Also some complicated rooftops and equipment combinations require additional time.
Can Solar Power systems be integrated with my existing set-up?
Generally, the answer is yes. Renewable technologies have been designed to be installed in existing buildings and the process is generally quite straightforward. Talk to one of our solar experts for more details.
What are the effects of shading? Is there a solution if my roof is shaded?
We perform a shade analysis as part of our survey, and our technical design team can model the potential output for you to check if Solar is worth installing.
How much roof space do I need?

As a rule of thumb, 8m² of unshaded roof area is required for 1kWp of Solar Modules. Our smart inverters mean that you can install on adjacent roofs if space is limited.

Why is it important to get a "Battery-Ready" inverter?

Batteries are the future for home energy and the final piece of the puzzle to become independent from the electrical grid. Therefore all our inverters are have battery connectivity to allow our customers flexibility in adding batteries to their solar power system in the future.

Why should I go solar now? Should I wait for new technologies?
Simply put – the sooner you get solar, the sooner you will enjoy its benefits. If you wait for some unproven technology down the road, you will have missed the opportunity to generate your own power now. Solar is like saving for retirement – the sooner you start doing it, the better.
What is a Solar Power Diverter?
Diverting devices are used to optimise the usage of the Solar Energy you produce by diverting excess power to EV Car charging and Hot Water cylinders. They work by sensing excess energy and turning on devices to reduce exported power.
What happens to Excess Solar Energy I produce?

There are a few options when it comes to excess Solar energy.

  1. Export the energy to the electrical network @ 8c / kWh.
  2. Store it in batteries for usage at night.
  3. Divert the excess for EV Car Charging and Water Heating


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