Mission And Vision

Mission And Vision

Mission Our mission is for Kiwi Solar to be a results orientated company that continuously trains its staff towards optimism, creativity, thinking outside the box for solutions and creating a great experience for all our customers in an open and ethical manner.

“We will do this by giving the customers an experience they have not had before in the electrical industry. This will be done through training and well organised procedures that will ensure all facets of the company are run efficiently. The company would be able to be run by anyone with a few days training into their necessary positions . The procedures will be confirmed and checked with a testing system that ensures they are kept and followed to their highest levels.The Kiwi Solar team will be focused, enthusiastic and positive. Our team will enjoy working with our customers and will work as part of our positive group .This is backed up with our core values.”
Vision “Our vision is to become a market leader in the electrical industry by providing a first class experience to our customers, to have the company running so efficiently with procedures that an enthusiastic team member could run and grow the company with little training.”

Kiwi Solar’s Core values, chosen and selected as a group by our team

Customer focused our guarantees and staff training ensure you receive an experience not to be beaten.

Anything electrical you will not need to have 3 or more contractors as we can work with your power, phone, data, security, automation and pretty much any other electrical requirements.

Yes we can we love dirty jobs, we love difficult jobs, we can turn up last minute to urgent breakdowns.

Don’t take the mick work while you are at work, treat the customers as they are paying your wages for dinner tonight, enjoy your job and have fun.

Work as a team ensure you work your best and hardest to help your colleague next to you, volunteer to climb into that stinking hot roof, jump into that muddy trench and start digging.


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